We welcome new members and we think you’ll agree that the ARCECS represents ALL of the most compelling reasons to actually Be a Ham!

Our emergency communications skills have been called into use on major disasters for over 50 years!  Some of these include our response to 9/11, Katrina, the LA Northridge and SF-Oakland Bay area earthquakes, the Oklahoma City bombing, the ‘89 & ‘92 and 2001 LaGuardia and Rockaway airline disasters, all NYC blackouts, the 2010 Haitian earthquake tragedy and hurricanes Irene and Sandy.  We are proud to supply invaluable communications to the American Red Cross when all other means fail.

Theodore Roosevelt

Since our formation in 1964 within the Queens Chapter of the American Red Cross, ARCECS continues to play an active role with the American Red Cross in Greater New York, and as an ARRL Amateur Radio Club in the Hudson Division, NLI Section.


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