WB2ZTH/R  (open) 

ARCECS Sanctioned Repeater

Frequency: 447.1750- minus
Tone In/Out: 141.3 / 141.3
Location: Manhattan
County: New York
State: New York
Call: WB2ZTH
Use: OPEN   Features: E-power.

Trustee: George Sau (WB2ZTH)

WB2QBP/R  (closed)

Frequency: 442.6500 + plus
Tone: 141.3
Location: Queens Village
County: Queens
State: New York
Call: WB2QBP

Guidelines Governing the Conduct and Use of The ARCECS Repeaters

The WB2QBP repeater will be primarily used for local ARCECS traffic and emergency use only is and is NOT an open repeater.

The WB2ZTH repeater is OPEN for general amateur radio use by licensed operators.

Conduct on the repeaters is governed by FCC Rules, common sense and courtesy.

The Repeater Trustee will have the final say on any repeater operation, since he is the final authority per the FCC.

Use of the word "BREAK" shall be used to designate a HIGH PRIORITY need. In that event, all other stations on the frequency must cease operation immediately, or assist the breaking station as required. Stations may resume normal operation only after the emergency has been handled.

Time controlled or net traffic will be given priority.

All stations will leave a short pause between transmissions for the purpose of allowing other stations to call on the repeater.

Calling stations will keep their calls short, such as a one or two line monologue and then stand by until the frequency is clear.

Base stations should stand aside for mobile stations.

Emergency and Special Event communications have priority.  Any special event for which the repeaters are to be used shall be cleared through the Repeater Trustee in advance.

Emergency communications have priority usage and complete control of the repeaters for as long as the emergency exists.

A Net Control Station will call up and direct the Net.

If you hear stations jamming or interfering do not make any comment. If you can override the interference, continue with your conversation. If you can not continue, sign off the repeater in a normal manner.

Identify your station every ten minutes and at sign-off, as per FCC regulations.

Repeater rules and regulation can be changed by the Repeater Trustee and Repeater Committee.

Users will be notified of changes.

ARCECS Repeater Information