ARCECSEmergency Communications Service

John Mulloon, WB2DZC – Silent Key

 It is with great sadness and regret that we inform you of the passing of our long- time friend, John E. Mulloon, WB2DZC. John is a retired NYPD officer and the Co-founder as well as President Emeritus of the ARC Emergency Communications Service. John passed away in his sleep in the early morning on April 29, 2017. He recently contracted the flu and was not getting better. His wife, Dottie, reported that John was hospitalized a couple of weeks ago and was then moved to a hospice and rehabilitation facility as she was unable to care for him. John was 96 years old. 

His passing was reported to both former ARC ECS Presidents Larry Lutzak, WA2CNV and Stu Haimes, N2AUK by John's wife of 70 years, Dottie Mulloon, KA2VVU.

 John was a New York City Police Department Officer assigned in the 1960’s to the 103rd Precinct in Jamaica, Queens. John was also drawn to the world of Amateur Radio and obtained his (then) Novice call sign WN2DZC in 1963. Being assigned to the 103rd Precinct, John took on an assignment with Community Affairs as well as being part of the NYPD's Police Athletic League ("PAL"). During this time, John met with John J. Komp, WB2PRN/WA4YTY, who was the Chapter Manager in charge of the Queens Chapter of the American Red Cross in Greater NY, then located at 88-10 Merrick Blvd in Jamaica, NY.

 In what would be a meeting that would result in the formation of an Amateur Radio organization serving the Queens and NYC Metropolitan area in times of community and disaster service to this very day, John Mulloon proposed that ARC GNY - Central Queens and PAL form an amateur radio club that would involve the youth of the community under the guidance of adults, combining the Amateur Radio Service with the American Red Cross, a volunteer service organization. ARC's John Komp agreed. ARC and PAL held a joint exercise and participated in its very first American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Day in Fort Tilden, in the Rockaways, NY in June of 1963. It was a great success.

 During 1964, the American Red Cross Emergency Radio Club ("ARC ERC") was formed, with John Komp filing and becoming the Trustee of the club's original call sign, WB2QBP, which is used to this day. After ratifying its Constitution and By-Laws, "ARC ERC" elected its first President, Gregory Sievers, WN2GGX/WB2GGX. 

 Through the many decades that ARC ERC evolved into its current name - ARC Emergency Communications Service - it has maintained its mission of public service and assistance in disasters, both natural (hurricanes, earthquakes) as well as manmade (September 11th 2001 - "9/11").

 This is all as a result of the vision of one man, John Mulloon, who saw opportunity to have the youth of Queens become a part of the fabric of their community while learning the leadership skills necessary to help and assist others. His befriending another man to form this radio club resulted in boys and girls becoming men and women who have become successful contributors to their families, communities and their fellow human beings.

 We remember fondly our friend John and wish that his memory live forever in the hearts and minds of those who were fortunate to have known him.


Written and Contributed by Stu Haimes, N2AUK