A Partner Agency serving the American Red Cross

for over 50 years!

There are many reasons people want to get involved in Amateur Radio.  Some want to experiment in the newest digital communications technologies, some have a desire use the highly popular 100 year old CW Code, and many people join to become self sufficient or remain in touch with their families during disasters.  You will never find another medium that offers you so much capability and technology  as amateur radio. 

What  you decide to do with your skills  is as varied as the hobby itself, but we think its finest aspect is how we are able to use these tools to help others in times of real crisis.  That doesn't preclude us from having plenty of fun and enjoying our craft though!  It just adds an element of value to it that produces great personal satisfaction and pride.

As a mater of fact, this mandate for  service "when all else fails" is part and parcel of the FCC Rules for even granting an amateur radio license, and amateur radio is the only "hobby"  in the world with such a serious obligation attached to it.

And that's where the ARCECS comes in.

The ARCECS' purpose is to serve our community and the American Red Cross in such times as our skills would have a beneficial effect, to promote friendship amongst our members and to inculcate in them a high sense of loyalty to each other, and to stimulate intellectual achievement in the art and science of amateur radio.

We hope you will consider joining our ranks and attending our meetings! 

ARCECS offers Tech License Training for New Hams at No Charge

ARCECS offers  In-House VE License Exams

ARCECS offers 2 outstanding NYC Area Wide repeaters with full privileges


we offer a special $99 incentive for new hams to join the ARCECS and ARRL for 1 year with a QST Magazine subscription and a new  dual band HT pre-programmed on scores of frequencies!

We meet on the 1st Tuesday of each month at 7:45 PM at the American Red Cross HQ building, 2nd floor, at 195 Willis Ave in Mineola, NY.  Use the rear stair entrance or call 516-312-8745 to have the elevator access door opened for you.

Not yet a licensed Amateur Radio Operator?

Find out here how we can help you achieve that goal  and be on the air

for a lot less than you might think was possible!

We Welcome  New Members!

ARCECSEmergency Communications Service