A note from the current president of ARCECS

   When I look at the membership of the ARCECS club, I'm amazed at the level of dedication of so many for so long to a single organization.  We have many members in the ARCECS with decades of service and friendship to the club, and to its principals.  Some of these old photos shown below, and others throughout this new website, contain images of ARCECS members who still attend every meeting, perform every duty, and have filled every office that makes this club work like it does!   Some may appear a bit older now, but, like the photos shown above that depict the incredible advances we've all witnessed in technology, our membership has deepened its depth of knowledge, acquired vast experience and developed a solid camaraderie.  And they completely maintain their enthusiasm for the future.

   The ARCECS is truly an organization of winners.  These  winners step up and volunteer during a crisis and get right to the serious business of assisting the Red Cross during critical communications emergencies.  They perform as a team.  They believe in what they are doing and why.  They have a duty to fulfill, and they maximize their strengths to fulfill their mission.  The ARCECS Team is always part of the solution.

  It is my sincere honor to represent and to serve the ARCECS this year as its president.  I can state unequivocally that you will not find a more sincere and devoted group of people anywhere.  As a new member, they have welcomed me into the club and have asked that I hold this position for 2015, and it is my privilege to do so.  I encourage you to consider ARCECS membership as an amateur radio operator and discover for yourself the most compelling reasons to actually be a ham.


Dave Akins,  AK1NS

President, ARCECS

DEC, Nassau County ARES

An early novice class picture from the 1980s. Class was led by instructors George Sau/WB2ZTH and Stuart Haimes/N2AUK.

Ed Olszewski/WA2AHF & Larry Lutzak (r) WA2CNV was appointed to the Board in 1969 as the Chapter representative for Communications,

WB2PRN John J. Komp

ARC-GNY Chapter Mgr

Queens, NY

1963 - 1970

An Amazing Future

2015 Tech

1964 Tech

Building a Bright Future on our

50 Year Foundation


Dedicated Service! 

1991 ARCECS Field Day Calories Score!

ARCECSEmergency Communications Service